This is our new website and it will move to its permanent URL: soon, but for now, that main website is still active though most of the updating is done here on the dev site. But we are getting closer to moving this site to its primary position. So take a look at the fresh site, forum, calendar and much more…

UPDATE: This is the primary site as of 1-1-22 but it is still on our development servers. This new site is our third iteration of our websites since 2013

Can’t remember what is what, the


  • is the temporary URL, this site will eventually move to, home of the current website
  • Forum is fully functional, accounts are for PNWDigital members, just create one if you are a member of our IO group.

To-do’s or Not Yet Working

  • files directories are not yet fully loaded, or created
  • Some URL’s still need to be changed or updated

First Published: December 8, 2021 Last Updated: 1 year ago by Mike – NO7RF

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