Talkgroups (AKA: group calls) are the lynchpins to operating on all Ham DMR repeaters and are created generally to accomplish a specific task organized by purpose but could also be by ham clubs sponsoring or by location or areas served.

Talkgroups are very simple at their core. You typically talk on it and it does all the control, it links repeaters, networks and the world. The listing below contains most of our talkgroups. The table has the TG ID, Timeslot, whether full time or part time and some details. This is the very basic information needed to make use of these talkgroups on our network

We also have the following related pages that further expland on the power of a talkgroup:

TalkgroupTS1 IDTS2 IDFT/PTTBrief Description – More Details
Audio Test   9999 PTTW7NCX’s VU Meter (also listens to Parrot, Wash 2 and PNW Reg 2)
BC 3027   PTTBritish Columbia talkgroup
Bridge   3100 PTTThe Bridge was the first wide area multi-c-Bridge linked talkgroup back in 2011.  Since, it has morphed into a channel 19 type of busy worldwide talkgroup with Brandmeister accessibly.
California 3106   PTTCalifornia Statewide on Brandmeister with but not a part of PNWD.  Ok to call and QSO with a user located in this state.
Cal-TAC   3107 PTTCalifornia Statewide TAC, Hosted by This talkgroup is repurposed to support a secondary FT presence in California for the long time DCI (IRG now) repeaters.
Cascades 1 3191   FTFull time talkgroup for WA repeaters located east of the Cascades range, PTT elsewhere generally.  Home of the Coffee Net Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 0800 local.
ECR 1-1, 2-2, 2-3     FTRegion 1 Snohomish/ talkgroups for the Lookout UHF, Oso and Bremerton repeaters  TGID is not published. [More Info]
EmComm 1 —-   FTEmComm or Public Service Groups Only, EmComm 1 and 2 are only available on select repeaters as a local only talkgroup and then is restricted to only ACS/EmCoMM uses. TGID is not published.  [More Info]
EmComm 2 PTTEmComm or Public Service Groups Only , EmComm 2 is only available on select repeaters as a local only talkgroup and then is restricted to only ACS/EmCoMM uses.  Typically programmed with 5-10 minute hold-off timers for all TS2 talkgroups. TGID is not published.  [More Info]
I-5 3168   FTNOTE: Not for general QSO’s; I-5 corridor coverage area repeaters only from California to Washington and into British Columbia. Traveler’s talkgroup for users on I-5 related to I-5 travel; very short QSO’s only please. Switch TG’s if using this TG longer than 2-5 minutes please so that all repeaters will continue to keep this TG on full time.  <Maps and Learn More>
I-84   31419 FTI-84 is a talkgroup sponsored and managed by the I-84 Group in Portland. This group built out repeaters from Portland to 7 miles east of Pendleton and encourages others to continue building out DMR coverage along Interstate 84 into Idaho and Utah
Hawaii 1   3115 PTTVery limited use on only a few repeaters by agreement with Hawaii DMR This is Hawaii TRBO’s main TG on their timeslot 1 but it is carried on PNWD’s timeslot 2.  It is PTT here and for special use only to Hawaii TRBO members.  It is available only on the Washington West cluster.
Idaho 3116   FT/PTTIdaho statewide is full time on Idaho repeaters, PTT if the PNWD repeater is not in Idaho (one state will not busy other state).  Brandmeister is connected full time.
Idaho-ARES   31160 FT/PTTARES Idaho is generally full time on PNWD Idaho repeaters.  See guidelines for use and this is a Brandmeister talkgroup
Inland3116 465263 PTTWide area Full time TG in the southwestern states now hosted by PNWDigital, QSO’s are welcome
Local 1 3181   FTGenerally is local repeater use only, can be used as an MCT off for 5 minutes, QSO’s, testing with other local users as this is a single repeater talkgroup. Locals have 5 minute hold-off timers to limit network traffic for a pseudo priority effect.  Use of Local 1 will turn off all other PNW timeslot 1 talkgroups which blocks interstate PNW traffic, so it is better to use local 2 as your primary Local talkgroup on most PNW repeaters.
Metro 23166FTMetro 2 is a fulltime calling or QSO talkgroup among a small group of repeaters related by proximity. This may be 2 or more repeaters in in a small region. This provides a method to QSO without busying all statewide repeaters yet have wider coverage than provided by Local 1 but also is a full time talkgroup unlike the TAC’s.
MCT’s177xxxx177xxxx 55/15Master Control Talkgroups, no voice traffic. This set of talkgroups are used to turn on or turn off most talkgroups on timeslots 1 or 2 for typically 55 minutes on time or 15 minutes of hold-off time. <More Info>
Montana   3130 PTTMontana statewide with Brandmeister connectivity
Mountain   3177 PTTDMR-MARC Interstate Regional for our region
MPRG1   31301 PTTMontana-DMR, Mac Pass Repeater Group, with Brandmeister connectivity
Net 1* 31001   PTTSpare for expansion / Nets from around North America / * Only active during actual net event
Net 2*   31002 PTT*Nets from around North America / * Only active during actual net event; see Net 2 for more details.
North America   3163 PTTDMR-MARC North America-wide talkgroup.
Oregon 3141   FT/PTTOregon statewide is full time in-state, part time for out of state PNW repeaters.  QSO’s are welcome, with Brandmeister connectivity
Parrot 9998   PTTPolly is our echo test server now living in Spokane, a free-range bird
PNW 1 (Calling Only) 3187   FTPNW Main All Repeaters; EmComm, Calling/Hailing or Standby use ONLY, No QSO’s please! // NOTE: this TG lights up EVERY repeater on PNWDigital network
PNW 2 (Very Short QSO’s)   103187 FTPNW Secondary secondary Calling talkgroup; very short QSO’s only, lights up EVERY repeater on the PNWDigital network
PNWR 2 (bm)   31771 FT/PTTPNW Regional is PNWDigital.Net’s talkgroup on the Brandmeister network with connectivity into the PNWDigital.Net network, QSO’s OK
PS 1 —-   FTWashington EmComm or Public Service Events Only, no kerchunking please;  2 hour Hold-Off timer // nets, drills and pre-scheduled events should be calendared with PNWDigital.Net beforehand.  If not a statewide event, request PS 2.  [More Info or PS]
PS 2   —— PTTWashington EmComm or Public Service Events Only, no kerchunking please; 1 hour Hold-Off timer // nets, drills and pre-scheduled events should be reserved with PNWDigital.Net beforehand.  [More Info or PS]
RACOM ARC 2   315310FT/PTTRACOM Amateur Radio Club talkgroup with. Brandmeister connectivity.
SAR-WV314122FT/5Willamette Valley Oregon Search and Rescue use only on the Salem/Prospect Hill repeater with crosslinking to the OR-SAR talkgroup on their House Mtn repeater.
SNARS1 2   31328 PTTSNARS main talkgroup; SNARS / SNARS 1 is carried on PNW on timeslot 2
TAC 1   8951 PTTTAC 1 is PTT within PNWD, primary talkgroup to use for extended 2 (or more) person QSO’s as it is on most WA repeaters
TAC 2 & 3   8952-8953 PTTTAC 2 and 3 are PTT within PNWD only, available on fewer repeaters so less used but good alternative to TAC 1 which currently has more traffic, will expand with network growth
TAC 310-312   310-312 PTT Worldwide “TAC” talkgroups engage the fewest repeaters, with Brandmeister connectivity
TG 9 9   FTAvailable locally on MMDVM servers as an annunciation TG only
USA   1776 PTTWorldwide; unlimited conversations, QSO’s are welcome, via the MIT network.
Any language talkgroup, conversations encouraged, no limits, by MIT.  USA 2 is carried by a private talkgroup server. 
Utah   3149PTTUtah statewide with Brandmeister connectivity
Washington 1 3153   FT/PTTWashington statewide is full time on in-state, part time for out of state PNW repeaters, with Brandmeister connectivity.
Washington 2   103153 FT/PTTFull time in-state, QSO talkgroup, consider moving to a TAC talkgroup if longer than 15 minutes // Not-a-Net Gathering Wed; 1900
Worldwide   3161 PTTDMR-MARC; hailing and short QSO (limited use only)
TalkgroupTS1 IDTS2 IDFT/PTT Brief Description – More Details

Not all repeaters carry all PNW talkgroups; see our PNW Talkgroup Matrix
Timeslot 1 has PNW’s primary Talkgroups, Timeslot 2 has other PNWDigital’s secondary and other network talkgroups, generally

Statewide talkgroups are fulltime for in-state repeaters and PTT for out-of-state repeaters, generally
PTT:  On timer:15 minutes / Hold-off timer: 3 min; default timers unless noted above

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