Digital Contacts Update (RadioID.Net)

Today the North America only contacts, hit 101,219.

Growth is about 1,800 new DMR ID’s in the past 30 days. That is 30 new ID’s issued per day!

RadioID.Net is the de-facto registration site and besides registration, provide other services related to RID’s and providing stock and custom files that can be used to populate our client radios. The service is provided by a ham and membership is $12 a year, well worth it if you wish to keep your contacts lists current.

Below are the the daily stats from RadioID.Net

  • 59 New DMR ID’s
  • 1 New Repeaters ID’s
Last 7 days:
  • 460 New DMR ID’s
  • 8 New Repeaters ID’s
Last 30 days:
  • 1838 New DMR ID’s
  • 50 New Repeaters ID’s
In total:
  • We have a global network of 208303 DMR ID’s
  • There are 8703 repeaters world wide

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