We have codeplugs available in our IO Group primarily. Some are here on the website as well though likely not as frequently updated. This may change as we ramp up the new website.

IO Groups Codeplugs: dmr.groups.io/g/PNW-CPS-Programming-Codeplugs/files/Codeplugs

Our Google Drive Workspace: Codeplugs

We are supporting the new Cotre C001D DMR HT Cracker Jack box prize Radio also but it is not recommended as an entry radio for new users. But if you go donw that rabbit hole, we can shine some there to help.

There are some important and key settings that are used on PNWDigital (and other c-Bridge based DMR networks) that should conform to the following parameters:

  • Talker Alias must be DISABLED
  • Talk Permit (TX Permit) should be: Same Color Code, Follow Color Code or Interruptible
  • Group Call Hang Timer should be set to 1000ms (1 second)

First Published: November 21, 2021 Last Updated: 1 year ago by Mike – NO7RF

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