The file is dead to you and is not available in your area. The file is deceased.  It is no longer. It has passed on.  You can not have that file in this life!  The file is dead, lifeless, departed, demised, late, extinct, no more.  It has broken on through to the other side (filched from Eskimo North many years ago).

OK, seriously now, the “404 Error” is the most commonly seen error and typically it is due to a URL syntax error or the file being deleted or the file name being changed.

But we can help you find you content.

  • We have a Site Map page.
    • This would be a good starting point to try to find the files that you are interested in.
    • The pages are listed in alpha order with the most common subjects grouped
      • Talkgroups are an example of the grouping
  • use the URL: where xxx is your keyword(s)

It is worth mentioning that the search box on the bottom right side of the top banner is near worthless. It only searches posts and Events which misses most of the content on the website. This is why this page as well as the search page were created.

If you think this file actually exists somewhere or should exist and further, you wish to tell us why such is so, please send an Email to our webmaster Please include as much detail as possible; including the domain, date and time.

For extra fast response time, please include your Date of Birth, Social Security number and any credit cards you may have in your left rear pocket.  😉

First Published: January 15, 2022 Last Updated: 1 year ago by Mike – NO7RF

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