Lost in the Dark Magic Realm (DMR)?


If you can't seem to make headway and need to reach out for the PNWDigital help, then read on.

We think that we have a comprehensive online support system in our 3 primary IO groups for almost all the general questions that are typically top of the list for a new DMR user.  But everyone absorbs information differently.  We have primarily a text based network of support.  You may prefer images, YouTube videos or face to face Elmering.  But here for now, we are passing along information on how you may be able to help yourself by using our IO Groups or our Website.  In other words this is going to be your guide to self-help.

Hopefully this may reduce your frustration starting out in DMR.  There is a steep learning ramp for DMR and then operational on our network.  We hope that this page along with our IO groups, check-n and tech nets and over the air contacts will help to flatten that curve.


Reminder:  If our website, IO Groups and Over-the-Air conversations have not answered your questions, then please write to the support team at: Support@PNWDigital.Net


Key Pages and Links

  • www.PNWDigital.Net - Use the website first to find information about DMR in the Pacific Northwest more generally.
  • PNWDigital - Our primary IO group that is general interest and not for radios, codeplug or MMDVM specific topics.
  • Radios/Codeplugs - Our IO group that is specifically for Programming, CPS, Firmware and Codeplugs.  We support the Anytones extensively but other radios may have some support as well.
  • MMDVM Services - Our IO group that supports many MMDVM services for hotspots and other devices.
    • MMDVM Server Access Portal - We also have an automated credential server for PNWDigital member use only (going live very soon).
  • PNWDigital's Not-a-Net Gathering - Weekly check-in and technical net.
    • every Wednesday at 1900 Local on Talkgroup Washington 2.  Typically a Zoom session by 2015
  • Video Conferencing Support - Either a regular evening scheduled Zoom conference or possibly by request at irregular times.
    • Jitsi (PNW - large groups) - No account, no software needed, simple to use..
    • Jitsi (PNW - small groups) - uses PNWDigital's own Jitsi server.
    • Zoom - Arguably better than Jitsi for support and features but slightly more complicated to use
      • Web access is available without account and software installation.
      • password is: pnwdigital for our meeting (91661777188)
      • When logging in be sure to add your name and call sign so that others know who you are.
  • Information - more about PNWDigital and it's support team.
  • Membership - Not a member, want to join us?  It is entirely free of costs to members.
  • Services - Quick listing of what we provide to the DMR community in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Links - A list of many of our pages which point to common topics commonly asked in Email.  The line with  blue background have links that may be of the most help to new DMR hams.
  • Repeater List - Listing of our repeaters (and MMDVM servers) on a live status page.
  • Repeater Map - Interactive Mapping Project which shows locations and major details about each repeater on the network.
  • Talkgroups - All about our talkgroups, which to use for hailing only, QSO's and other specialty functions.
  • Bridgewatch - Watch network activity, use it while testing your radio on the Parrot (echo server) or Audio Level Meter.  Also Callwatch
  • Community Codeplugs - PNWD supports the Anytone radios; all repeaters, correct system settings, pleasant tones, aprs analog and digital and more.
  • MMDVM - Our MMDVM services and how to get the credentials to use a hotspot.
  • Youtube - adding content of interest weekly or as available.

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