APRS Support


UPDATE:  Some users are sending excessive data over the network  If you are found NOT following our APRS-D guidelines, especially if you are stationary, you may lose your APRS services on the network.  We have these limitations in place so that APRS is happy and data over the network does not clog the machinery.

 Please send no more than 1 time per 2 minutes (every minute OK only if testing or some special and temporary need) and no more frequently than one every 15 minutes if set for auto TX and stationary. 

PNWDigital is now supporting APRS-D (digital mode) and of course APRS-A is welcome as it is an off-network service. 

Timeslot 1 is used exclusively for APRS-D now.  Timeslot 2 BM support is no longer available.

Eric KF7EEL's APRS Portal.is working very well and  Eric is continuing his expansion of digital services.

REMINDER: Do not use "Roaming" or "Radio Check" in the Anytones as it mucks up the repeaters significantly.


 Revised: 06/01/2021 11:54


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